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Meg is a graduate student in Instructinal Psychology and TEchnology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.The program has refined her interests and made it possible for her to pursue past interests again sych as technology, love of learning and education.


Meg first started learning to program while in high school. She enjoyed it so much that she started college as a computer science major.She continued to enjoy creating on the computer using those skills, but those were skills she wouldn’t have been pursuing with that degree so she completed her degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. This allowed for the development of skills in training, conflict management and finding your voice. The last was primarily the result of TA who was a theatre major that helped teh Industrial/Organizational Psychology course to help with interpersonal skills, connecting with emotions, and exaggerating to help with communications.

Before going to graduate school, Meg spent time in a variety of pursuits. She worked for over a year as a data processing, auditing, training, and creating reports. She volunteered for a semester teaching English in Chinato children in kindergarten and first grade. She also trained the teachers who were to teach English to elementary school students a few years later. She spent months nannying children whom she also worked with at church where she spent a decade working first with the toddlers, then the three year olds.

Graduate School Experiences

On entering graduate school in the midst of the pandemic, Meg quickly became involved in the Instructional Psychology and Technology Student Organization (IPTSO) and worked on research with her advisor, Dr. Peter Rich. She has also been working with the course for preservice teachers on technology integration in the K12 classroom. She is currently in her third semester of teaching that course and has also been a teaching assistant for that class both in her first semester and in a subsequent semester when help was needed.

Since beginning graduate school, many opportunities were presented to become involved in the community as well. Meg has become an active (or mostly active, depending on the school schedule) member in different organizations, both in and out of academia. At Brigham Young University, she is still an active member of IPTSO, though she is no longer on the board. She has also joined the honor societies of Phi Kappa Phi and Delta Alpha Phi. Outside of school, Meg has become an active member of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. She works with a subgroup in teh Graduate Student Assembly that works to research microlearning. She is working on becoming an active member of the Teacher Educator Division. She has become involved in the National Federation of the Blind, winning both National and State scholarships in 2021. She has also become an active participant in support groups for those who are seeking to further their education who may struggle because of a particular visual impairment.

In her master’s program, Meg found that she was able to combine her interests of coding, logic and working with children in researching computational thinking at the elementary school level, particularly among younger children. She has also found an interest in microlearning and microbadging as well as creativity, and online and blended learning.

Meg enjoys reading, going on walks in nature, traveling, cooking, music, and learning to take better care of herself through exercising and healthy cooking and eating..

Last Updated: 2 February 2022