Meg Swanson

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About Meg

Meg is an Instructional Designer living in southern Utah. She is also a researcher, an advocate, and a constant learner. She currently has over a dozen fun skills listed on her wall to which she would love to devote her time, ranging from video editing to running. (And yes, that does depend on your definition of fun.)


Meg has been working as an Instructional Designer since 2022, beginning less than a week after defending her thesis. Her time as an ID has allowed her to work on many, many courses, present on different elements of instructional design to faculty and colleagues, conduct workshops, as well as numerous other small projects, such as creating a university-wide syllabus statement and a department-wide tutorial. Currently, she is working on many more courses, a research project on one of them, and an online showcase. While completing a Master’s degree in Instructional Psychology and Technology, Meg took advantage of many opportunities afforded to her. She taught undergraduate students for two years, participated in a year-long internship designing for a non-profit organization, presented at the annual conference of the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) multiple times on original research, held a leadership position in the department’s student organization, and many opportunities for networking. Prior to Meg’s graduate work, she pursued various interests. She began college as a computer science major, switched to psychology, dabbled in anthropology, and was able to further dabble in communications as she completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology with an emphasis in IndustrialOrganizational Psychology. She spent over a year working as a data processor where she also spent time training and reviewing the orders of others. A semester was spent teaching English to young children. During this time, she also began nannying for some of the young children with whom she also worked at church. This began as working with toddlers, moved to three year olds, and now extends to young children in general.

Current Experiences

Meg is currently involved in developing both courses and full programs in her capacity as an instructional designer and has taken on several side projects including a showcase course and a research project. She seeks out opportunities to learn and develop skills, such as becoming a diversity advocate and going through the Franklin-Covey Leadership Skills course. Outside of work, Meg is active in both research and community groups.

In her master’s program, Meg found that she was able to combine her interests of coding, logic and working with children in researching computational thinking at the elementary school level, particularly among younger children. She has also found an interest in microlearning and microbadging as well as creativity, and online and blended learning.

Meg enjoys reading, going on walks in nature, traveling, cooking, music, and learning to take better care of herself through exercising and healthy cooking and eating..

~Updated: 26 February 2024~