Meg Swanson

Work Samples

Design Work

From September to April of the 2021-2022 school year, I worked with a group of fellow students to overhaul a course for a non-profit organization’s volunteers who need to understand the basics of immigration law. In the first semester, I worked with three other graduate students to do the design work for the project: analyzing users, the current product, the learning objectives, other available LMSs, and redesigning the way that the course was presented in favor of a microlearning approach with a few lessons that included some experiential learning. In the second semester, we were joined by two undergraduate students who helped us to develop, prototype, iterate, and evaluate our course as well as creating the documentation we gave to the non-profit so that they could maintain the course.

I particularly worked on personas, assessing learning outcomes that were previously in place and verifying them, training our team on microlearning, developing, and creating the maintenance plan.

Persona from Internship
Sample Persona
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Learning Objectives
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Future Dev't
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Design Overview
Video Review

In our introductory Instrucitonal Design course, we were tasked with creating a short course. Thai could be for any need that we saw. I created a course, first in Captivate then in Storyline (as we went through each in our product development course).

I created a course for young children to help them practice counting to 50. I learned a lot from doing tis, and there are many things I would do differently looking back now, but I learned valuable skills!

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Low Fidelity Prototype
Low-Fi Prototype
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My Storyline Project
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Evaluation Work

In Winter semester 2021, I took an evaluation course in which we s[;it into groups and met with real world clients who wanted us to perform an evaluation of their educational project. My group worked on a badging site called Credentialate. We reviewed the project, interviews with potential users as to its utility, and think alouds for both the front-end and the back-end that would be used by faculty or administrators.

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